Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In the Pool again!

Well, here we are again in the pool finally, it's Tues. Oct.30th. the weather is breezy and cool, only a handful of folks showed up again today I thing because the temps are getting lower..in the 70's it is getting to chilly for the pool...plus it was raining this morning I heard what I thought was thunder and I was a running for the steps to exit, and someone said, it's ok Sandy it was an airplane..lol We went thru our routine for about 30 minutes and I had to leave early for a Doctor Appt. for consult on a Colonoscopy...has anyone ever had that done, I am kind of skeptical but it needs to be done so they tell me...

I would appreciate any input on that procedure.

Breathe Easy,


Inhale 123 Exhale 1234

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