Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Iron Infusion

Can you believe this I am posting again within only a few days ! I wanted to share the experience I had today with the Iron Infusion. I had to go to the Caner Center to have the procedure done. First they take blood then you go to the treatment room and sit till the nurses get your blood results. Then they take your vitals before the treatment begins which by the way takes about 30 min., everyone is different some can last for up to 2 hrs. Well, the nurse came to me, started the IV and came back in a half hour, checked my vitals again, reason being is that some folks can have a reaction to the Iron again after another 15 minutes the nurse checked my vitals and and one more time I was checked and was done for the treatment.

Now, one of the side effects is shortness of breath and of course I am a cancer 2yrs. surviver and currently having a really tough time with my COPD exacerbation's and SOB. I have one more treatment for next wk. once I get to the Cancer Center I will talk to the nurse about my reactions

I had to have the nurse put me in a wheel chair to take me to my car. Once I got home the burning in my chest was awful along with the SOB, so I did two Nebulizer Treatments and took another stomach pill for the burning in my chest and it worked ! Took a nap for about 45min. I feel better now.

As I said earlier everyone is different if you have any medical questions best to talk them over with your Dr. If you have any questions for me, I will be happy to reply.

Until we meet again my friends remember,

Breathe Easy,

Inhale ~~~123



Friday, December 14, 2012


Hello to everyone !   Trust you all are doing well as can be expected. I have a lot of space to cover today let's start with the COPD Exacerbation's again of which I have had several attacks of which have landed me in the hospital several times this year. So now I am involved with Home Hospice Care which means a Hospice Nurse comes in to see me each week, does the usual vitals, listens to my lungs and makes recommendations to me if she hears something suspicious in my lungs, then calls the Dr. at the Hospice House who may call in a script for an antibiotic. What's good about that is it kept me out of the hospital since I got involved with Hospice in June of this year, prior to that I had been hospitalized each and every month prior to June of this year.  Now, the latest I had another sleep study done and WOW ! can't imagine how I went this long without a new Sleep Apnea machine the setting is on 10, prior to that it was on 6....what a difference it has made I tried the full face mask didn't work I felt like I was smothering so I continue to use my other one which is working out just fine.

I saw my Pulmonary Dr today and he advised me on what steps to take should I have another exacerbation, let's hope it doesn't happen it scared the heck out of me.

Slow and easy are the words I have to live by or not live ! Any exertion puts such labor on my breathing so I have to walk really slow and not do anything that would cause any kind of exertion.

Sometimes I think I would like to go back to N.H. because it is so hot and humid here  but then I think of the cold, ice and snow and say to myself...OK stay right here in Florida and deal with the weather...LOL

I trust and hope this post will enlighten some folks if not all. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to respond.

Until we meet again my friends,



Breathe Easy,