Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hospice Care is not what you think...

Good Evening to all !..I know it has been a very, very, long time since my last post. Reason being is that I have been so sick for the past year or so and had so many things going on, now I think I have a handle on it all... Where do i start hmmmmm, well as of my last post i was doing ok hanging in there if you will, take the good with the bad and hope for the best.

This year has not been a good year health3wise for me, From December of 2012 to current I have been in the hospital for an Upper Respiratory infections, bladder infections, stomach name it i got it !

so now the plan of action to keep me out of the hospital is joining up with hospice care, it's not the typical hospice where we (i) thought was the end of life care cause i was so sick, what hospice care does is to keep you out of the hospital and try to  keep you at home and treat any health concerns, or  problems you may have, and if they cannot treat your health issues at home they will admit you to one of their facilities for further observation and medical treatment.they have drs. on staff and nurses as well, i, however am not in any hurry to try them out...

recently i was treated for an upper respiratory infection, i was put on a 7 day antibiotic treatment for the URI. The only problem i have had is that i have lost my appetite and weight...which i could afford to lose, the weight, that is lol ! it was a side effect from the antibiotics which is not uncommon.

I called hospice  and asked to speak to a nurse this was last Sunday and within an hour a nurse came to my house and brought me medicine to settle the nausea in my stomach and hopefully the little solids i ate today will stay down, so far so good ! I have been sleeping a lot which is part is due to copd exasperation's which have been a problem for me, and as the nurse explained it,look for the warning signs: low grade fever, increase use of rescue meds. change in color or thickness of sputum, fatigue that last more than a day new or increased swelling....that should be enuf for you to be aware of.

now that i can sit up and take nourishment,Gatorade and

so until we meet again my Friends,

breathe easy,

inhale ~~~123