Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stale Cigarette Smoke !

Good day to all my friends here at "Welcome To My Little Corner of The World".
I have had quite a busy month since my last blog. I used to live in Lehigh Acres and now currently live again in Fort Myers, Fl. the reason I moved from Leghigh is the drive to work was 45 minutes with the construction starting on the roads I was traveling it would have taken me much longer to commute. I now live 10 min. from my job. Now let me share this with all of you.

When we first interviewed for this apt. the agent showed us a model and then we took a "virtual tour" via the internet, based on what we saw we signed the lease and of course the necessary credit cks were done without a problem. A week later we moved in, I noticed some kind of "smell" I was assured it was the new carpet, padding and painting they had done. A week goes by the same stronger "smell" is still lingering, but now I know it is "Stale Cigarette Smoke" !

It was that from the start only masked by the new carpet and paint job!
Management had called a contracter in to treat the walls and ceilings with a chemical to eliminate the odor, that worked for about a week. I called the office again they had someone else come out with an "Ionizer Machine" which was left on for 6 hours, we had to leave here with our cats and returned 7 hours later. This machine was guaranteed to eliminate the smoke odor , guess what it did for another week and yes the odor is back ! not as bad though. Apparantly the person who lived here before us was a heavy smoker, there's a surprise !

Well now we will have to move again!!!!! Come Nov. 1st. another apt in another building will be available, we will do a walk thru before the folks move out, we are guaranteed that these folks are non smokers !

The agent that leased this apt to us never told us there were smokers on the side of us, upstairs and across the hall ! I had told her in front of her Manager had we known this we Never would have rented here.

Yes, she knew I have a lung disease and am on oxygen I think she was just intent on renting this place and didn't even think about anything else. From what I have learned she is knew to this property I am sure she has learned her lesson, as it is costing the company big bucks to treat this place.

The moral of this story is be realy sure if you are going to rent an apt, house, office that it is or has been smoke free !

Until we meet again my friends remember,


Breathe Easy,