Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vitamin D and Asthma

Issue Date: May 31, 2009

Good Day to all my friends here at "Welcome To My Little Corner Of The World" I found this article today in USA Weekend and thought it was interesting.
Enjoy the day ~~~~

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Also: More HealthSmart
Asthma's possible link to vitamin D
Low levels of this nutrient may worsen asthma.
Every day, 40,000 Americans miss work or school and nearly 5,000 visit the ER because of asthma. About 20 million suffer from the disease, and its impact is huge, personally and economically. That's why researchers study asthma's various links, looking for any modifiable associations.
Researchers from Harvard, the Medical University of South Carolina and the Hospital Nacional de Ni–os in San José, Costa Rica, recently studied a link between asthma and vitamin D levels. They studied 616 asthmatic kids, ages 6 to 14, and found that low levels of vitamin D were associated with higher levels of IgE and eosinophils (both are markers of immune activity). Also, the children with higher vitamin D levels were less likely to have required treatment in the year before the evaluation. The data suggest a link between low levels of the vitamin and asthma, adding to the growing body of science showing that vitamin D may be important for more than just bone health.
Further research is needed, but in the meantime, you can increase your intake of vitamin D by getting exposure to sunlight, consuming fortified foods such as milk, and eating fatty fish and fish oils.
Tedd Mitchell, M.D., president and CEO of Dallas' Cooper Clinic, writes HealthSmart every week.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another mile stone for us !

I just had to share this will everyone !...Until we meet again my friends remember,
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Dear Sandra
On May 27, 2009, Florida's Governor signed into law the bill to increases the cigarette tax with a $1 per pack surcharge! Congratulations to all the tobacco control advocates who have work tirelessly over years to reduce tobacco use by our youth and adults!

American Lung Association in Florida
Final Legislative Report
May 28, 2009

The 2009 Session of the Florida Legislature concluded on Friday, May 7th, one week late. The Legislature adopted a $66.5 billion dollar budget and passed just 238 of the 2369 pieces of legislation filed. The Governor signed the budget on May 27th.

The 2009 Session was dominated by a leadership crisis and extreme fiscal stress. In late January Speaker of the House Ray Sansom resigned his post as Speaker amidst allegations that he illegally obtained state funding for a local college in his district and then benefited from that action by accepting a full-time job at the college. Sansom was indicted in April. Sansom was replaced as Speaker by Rep. Larry Cretul. Cretul was thrust into the job and had to lead a legislature that was delayed and distracted by the ethics scandal.

The nation’s fiscal meltdown was another dominant element of the Session. Conservative Republican legislative leaders confronted the largest revenue decrease since the early 1970s and are constitutionally mandated to pass a balanced state budget. In the last two years the legislature already trimmed more than $6 billion from Florida’s budget. Pledges of “no new taxes” and “living within our means” became harder and harder to maintain. State revenues are shrinking as the need for government services to the economically distressed, and newly-distressed, citizens increases. Even the infusion of Federal Economic Stimulus dollars totaling more than $4 billion to state government still left a projected shortfall of $3.5 billion. Moreover, the timing of the Federal Stimulus dollars flowing to Florida did not neatly coincide with the timing of the state’s appropriations process. Corporate taxes, elimination of business-friendly sales tax exemptions and increased “user” fees were all suggested as means to close Florida’s revenue front. Inserting these factors into the normal challenges facing a state of 18 million citizens and one of the largest economies in the world means that there was no “politics as usual” in the 2009 Session.

Tobacco Surcharge
Against all odds and powerful lobbying efforts by the tobacco industry, retailers and wholesalers, the Legislature increased the current cigarette excise tax with a $1.00 per pack surcharge and imposed a surcharge of 60% of the wholesale price on other tobacco products. The bill also provides regulations for internet and mail order sales that require a two carton minimum purchase and valid proof of age at the time of delivery. It also requires Indian reservations to collect the surcharge on sales to nontribal members. The surcharge is expected to generate close to $1 billion in revenue for the state, and will help fund Medicaid as well as other health care programs and services. The revenues from this surcharge proved to be the linchpin in budget negotiations. The Governor signed the bill into law on May 27th.

Biomedical Research Funding
Initial House and Senate health and human services proposed budgets included reductions in biomedical research funding from general revenue. However, revenues from the tobacco surcharge include a major policy shift in this area.

House and Senate budget negotiators agreed to increases in the biomedical research program. Five percent of the tobacco surcharge revenue, up to $50 million will be dedicated to the Jim and Esther King and Bankhead-Coley Biomedical Research Programs will each receiving approximately $25 million this year.

Comprehensive Tobacco Control Education and Use Prevention Program
The budget includes $63,841,232 for the tobacco control program and is allocated as follows:
Four Staff positions $ 300,583
State & Community Interventions 10,927,545
State & Community Interventions (AHEC) 6,000,000
Health Communications Interventions 20,613,744
Cessation Interventions 11,831,565
Cessation Interventions (AHEC) 4,000,000
Surveillance & Evaluation 5,376,317
Administration & Management 2,791,478

Also, the Legislature allowed $2,000,000 from unexpended funds for last year’s Fixed Capitol Outlay to be used to provide nicotine replacement therapy.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Germs, Germs, Germs ~~~

Good Afternoon to all my friends here at "Welcome To My Little Corner Of The World"

Here we are again "Flu Season" is here, yes I know I posted about this before but, think about this, how many times have we been to the grocery store and made sure we used those little sanitary wipes most stores supply by the carriages and wiped down the handle before we touch it I know I have. I open doors with a wipe unless of course if it is automated.

Well how about pumping gas hmmmmm....same rule applies Please use those sanitized Wipes & wipe off that gas pump~~~~how many people before you have touched it..

We all have to be so very careful, some one once said to me, Sandy aren't over doing it..I replied it's like this I have a disease which will not go away and I do not want to aggravate it by being careless their reply..oh I never thought about it makes sense...As I have said before my friends..".Sick Lungs Don't Show" The more we spread the word more folks will understand how we feel.

So until we meet again my friends remember,


Breathe Easy,

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Helpful Hints/Living with COPD

Good Morning to all my friends here at "Welcome To My Little Corner Of The World" In a previous post I mentioned a few helpful hints to make our daily tasks easier well a friend of mine
forwarded the following information to me and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Until we meet again my friends remember,

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Johns Hopkins Health Alerts: Lung Disorders Conserving Energy When You Have COPD If you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), you know that going about your daily routine can be exhausting. Even though activities such as bathing, grooming, and dressing require a great deal of energy,careful planning can help you get through these tasks more quickly and with less effort. Here's some straight-talking advice from Johns Hopkins. ________________________________If you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), you know that going about your daily routine can be exhausting. Even though activities such as bathing, grooming, and dressing require a great deal of energy, careful planning can help you get through these tasks more quickly and with less effort. Here's some straight-talking advice from Johns Hopkins.First, plan to bathe, groom, and dress at times when you're feeling most energetic. Second, gather all the supplies you will need before you start. Bathing with COPD* Instead of standing in the shower, use a bath stool or take baths. * Because excess humidity can make it tougher to breathe with COPD, use warm water rather than hot, leave the bathroom door open,turn on exhaust fans, and open a window whenever possible. * If washing your hair in the shower, tub, or sink is difficult, ask someone else to do it for you. * Using a long-handled brush or sponge can eliminate reaching to wash your back and feet.* If you rely on oxygen for your COPD, you can still use it while in the tub or shower -- just drape the tube over the shower rod or side of the tub. * Dry off by wearing a long terry cloth robe and blotting rather than using a towel to rub yourself dry -- it takes less effort. Grooming with COPD * Choose a simple hairstyle that doesn't require extensive blow drying or styling.* Conserve energy by sitting in front of a low mirror when shaving or applying makeup, rather than standing bent over the bathroom sink. * Avoid products that are aerosol's or heavily scented,which will irritate the lungs. * Perfumes and colognes may also make it more difficult for you to breathe with COPD, so avoid using these products. Dressing with COPD * Keep your clothes in places that don't require you to bend or reach.* If you're most energetic in the evenings, plan ahead and lay out tomorrow's clothes the night before. * Avoid tight-fitting clothing that can make breathing difficult. For example, men can wear suspenders instead of belts, and women can wear camisoles or sports bras instead of regular bras. * Don't wear socks or stockings with elastic bands, since they can restrict circulation. (Support hosiery recommended by your doctor is the exception.) * Slip-on shoes mean you don't have to bend over to tie shoelaces. A long shoehorn can also make it easier to put shoes on. * To conserve energy with COPD, stay seated as long as possible while dressing, and dress your lower half first, as it is usually more difficult. Putting your underwear inside your pants and pulling both on together may be helpful as well. Johns Hopkins White Papers Logo<>

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Smoking is a DRAG !

Hello to all my friends here at "Welcome To My Little Corner Of The World" fact I just may rename it to "Our Little Corner Of The World"...let me know what you think ok...

Now for this post I mentioned in an earlier post about the "Relay For Life" that I could not attend well a co-worker sent me these pictures which show a mutual friend dressed as a "Drag Queen" think of this.. like I used to.....drag on a cigarette and you will get the picture...see above: OK now you get the picture ! "Smoking Is A Drag!" This gal was awesome in her presentation of the "Drag Queen" I just wish more folks would follow her lead !
It is thru folks like Linda and her advocasy against cigarette smoking makes our lives much better and our air easier to breathe...Thank You Linda !
Now remember my friends until we meet again...
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Breathe Easy,

Monday, May 4, 2009

PFT Results

Welcome to all my friends here at "Welcome To My Little Corner Of The World" In case you did not know we have 3 cases of Swine Flu here in Fl0rida and I have been assured by my Pulmonologist today that I should continue doing what I have been doing...stay away from crowds, avoid sick people and wash, wash, your hands. Also when you sneeze, sneeze into your arm and if you use a tissue throw it away right away ! Then wash your hands to the tune of "Happy Birthday To Me," repeat 4 times. I also use disposable gloves going anywhere, opening doors pressing buttons on an elevator etc...sure does make a difference. Then I toss them out.

Now for the update on my PFT today the Dr. showed me the results and the chart showed what I thought was an increase in my lung capacity..wrong ! it showed how much "Stale Air" i have in my lungs...sooooo PLB is a must to help get that stale (trapped air) out! Continue the O2 24/7
As long as I can get up and breathe it is going to be a great day !

I have been referred to a program to start Pulmonary Rehab. I am looking forward to that When I was first diagnosed with COPD while living in New Hampshire I went thru that program and let me tell you it is the best program ever to help those of us with this Lung Disease I thoroughly applaud it.

One more thing while I was having the PFT it came time for me to have the 2nd part which included a "Breathing Treatment" to include Albuterol to open my airways now, the Therapist opened the bag which held the tube and mouth piece and removed it and handed it to me with the med. in it...I said why aren't you wearing gloves he replied my hands are clean I replied I dont know should be wearing gloves he did not reply.

I brought this to the attention to the nurse she said she would look into it...

So...until we meet again my friends,

Inhale ~~~123

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Third swine flu case confirmed in Florida (see VIDEOS, INTER ACTIVES, PHOTO GALLERY, TRAVEL WARNING, SPECIAL SECTION)Comments 3 Recommend 0
May 03, 2009 11:24:00 AM
The Associated Press
TALLAHASSEE — A 14-year-old Mexican girl visiting central Florida is the state's third confirmed case of swine flu, health officials said Sunday.
The girl has returned to Mexico, according to Florida's Department of Health.
She has fully recovered and did not spread the swine flu to her family, Orange County Health Director Kevin Sher in told WFTV-TV in Orlando.
"She stayed in her room, wore a mask and took the Tami flu," an anti-flu drug, Sher in said.
A message left Sunday by The Associated Press for an Orange County spokeswoman was not immediately returned.
Florida's first two cases of swine flu were confirmed on Friday: an 11-year-old in Lee County and a high school student in Broward County.
In addition to the three confirmed cases, state health officials said Sunday there were 15 probable cases of swine flu across the state: one each in Alachua, Pinellas, Indian River, Okeechobee, Lee and Clay counties, two each in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties and five in Hillsborough County.
Two charter schools in Miami-Dade County will be closed Monday because a student was found to have a probable case of swine flu.
School district spokesman John Schuster says Doral Academy Charter Middle School and Doral Academy Charter High School were ordered closed after it was found that a middle school student possibly had the disease.
Schuster says the high school was order closed as well because the student may have had access to the high school.
Schuster says that when the schools will reopen will depend on test results from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. About 1,800 students attend the two schools.

At a glance: The latest on swine flu
Click here for newly released raw video of pig farmers clashing with police in the Middle East
Click here for a video update of the U.S. tally
Key developments on swine flu outbreaks, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, and government officials:
— Deaths: 19 confirmed in Mexico and one confirmed in U.S., a 21-month-old boy from Mexico who died in Texas.
— Confirmed sickened worldwide, 872: 506 in Mexico; 197 in U.S.; 85 in Canada; 40 in Spain; 16 in Britain; eight in Germany; four in New Zealand; two in Italy, France, Israel, and South Korea; one each in Colombia; Costa Rica, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Hong Kong, Denmark and the Netherlands.
— Colombia reports South America's first confirmed case of swine flu on Sunday — a day after Costa Rica reports the first case in Central America.
— Countries reporting new cases Sunday — Spain, Germany, Britain, Italy and Columbia.
— Spain becomes hardest-hit nation in Europe with 40 cases, mostly patients in the southern region of Andalusia and five in northeastern Catalan region.
— New case in Britain is Scottish man who recently traveled to Texas but not Mexico, health chief says.
— Two new cases in Germany involve a married couple on same flight as a woman who got swine flu after visiting Mexico.
— Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says about a third of confirmed U.S. cases are people who had been to Mexico and likely picked up the infection there.
Hong Kong orders the week-long quarantine of downtown hotel where a Mexican tourist had swine flu, trapping 350 guests and employees inside. The tourist was in stable condition Sunday.
— Mexico orders all nonessential government and private businesses to shut down for five days. All 176 weekend soccer games in Mexico are closed to fans.
— China quarantines over 70 Mexican travelers in hospitals and hotels even though they have no symptoms, sparking outrage from Mexico, which calls the move discriminatory and urges Mexicans not to travel to China.
— U.S. confirmed cases: New York 50; Texas 28; California 24; Arizona 17; South Carolina 13; Delaware 10; Massachusetts eight; New Jersey seven; Maine six; three in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois; two in Kansas, Colorado, Virginia, Michigan, Missouri, Connecticut and Florida. One each in New Hampshire, Utah, Rhode Island, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska and Nevada.
— More than 430 U.S. schools have closed, affecting about 245,000 children in 18 states.
— World Health Organization says slaughtering pigs unnecessary because virus is being spread through humans, and it says a swine herd in Alberta likely was infected by a farm worker who returned from Mexico.
— Three wild boars at Baghdad's zoo are killed because of swine flu fears even though Iraq has no documented cases of swine flu.
Egypt earlier ordered the slaughter of all the country's 300,000 pigs.
— U.S. Meat Export Federation says U.S. pork exports have dropped about 10 percent since the swine flu scare started.
FYI...... I called the hot line tonite and they told me to do whatever we do for the "regular Flu" wash your hands using the "Birthday Song" stay away from crowds and be extra careful of people sneezing.

Hope this info. is helpful...

Until we meet again my friends remember,
Inhale~~~ 123
Exhale ~~~~1234

Breathe Easy,

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