Monday, May 4, 2009

PFT Results

Welcome to all my friends here at "Welcome To My Little Corner Of The World" In case you did not know we have 3 cases of Swine Flu here in Fl0rida and I have been assured by my Pulmonologist today that I should continue doing what I have been doing...stay away from crowds, avoid sick people and wash, wash, your hands. Also when you sneeze, sneeze into your arm and if you use a tissue throw it away right away ! Then wash your hands to the tune of "Happy Birthday To Me," repeat 4 times. I also use disposable gloves going anywhere, opening doors pressing buttons on an elevator etc...sure does make a difference. Then I toss them out.

Now for the update on my PFT today the Dr. showed me the results and the chart showed what I thought was an increase in my lung capacity..wrong ! it showed how much "Stale Air" i have in my lungs...sooooo PLB is a must to help get that stale (trapped air) out! Continue the O2 24/7
As long as I can get up and breathe it is going to be a great day !

I have been referred to a program to start Pulmonary Rehab. I am looking forward to that When I was first diagnosed with COPD while living in New Hampshire I went thru that program and let me tell you it is the best program ever to help those of us with this Lung Disease I thoroughly applaud it.

One more thing while I was having the PFT it came time for me to have the 2nd part which included a "Breathing Treatment" to include Albuterol to open my airways now, the Therapist opened the bag which held the tube and mouth piece and removed it and handed it to me with the med. in it...I said why aren't you wearing gloves he replied my hands are clean I replied I dont know should be wearing gloves he did not reply.

I brought this to the attention to the nurse she said she would look into it...

So...until we meet again my friends,

Inhale ~~~123


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