Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Results Are In !

Good Morning to all my friends here at "Welcome To My Little Corner of The World".
I finally got the results of the last "culture" good news...Negative for anything to be concerned about., altho I have to use my nebulizer twice a day with a medicine called "Acetylcysteiine" which is supposed to help loosen up the thick junk in my lungs and ease my breathing...time will tell, hopefully it will work.
I have recently been diagnosed with "Schogrens Disease" (sp) What a surprise that was ! from what I have researched and absorbed as much information as possible regarding this disease
It is over growth of collagen and causes your skin to thicken and get hard it can affect your lungs and other major parts of your body as far as I know my lungs are not involved, I thank God for that.

Recently I had a bunch of blood work done I will get the results when I see the RA Dr. this Monday coming, I will post more then. For now all we can do is make the best of what we have to work with and most definitely Keep a POSITIVE attitude that sure has helped me.

So, until we meet again my friends, remember



Breathe Easy,

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Getting There !

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy to Year to all my friends here at "Welcome To My Little Corner Of The World" I have not posted for a while as ou internet provider was down since before Christmas, but once again here we are. ! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, hopefully 2009 will bring us all good luck and good health ! My New Year's resolution is to do more exercising.. Stationary Bikefor some it comes easy and others not so easy so slow and easy wins the race every time and remember most importantly...(PLB) "Pursed Lip Breathing" get all that stale air out. is the latest on what is going on with me,remember I had the Bronchoscopy done in early Dec. and the Pulmo. told me he took some cultures, well we got one back and it showed some kind of a fungus was growing in my lungs and he assured me it wasn't cancer we will have to wait till the last culture comes back sometime in January in order to treat it ! I have been so miserable with breathing problems (SOB) I decided to contact my Primary Care get some answers sure enough she researched the results of the culture and called in a prescription for me !

I dont understand the terminology for the name of this fungus I am just happy my Primary is going to treat just amazes my that a "PULMONOLOGIST" couldn't start treating this before now !

My advice my friends..DO NOT take anyting sitting down..ask, ask, and ask more questions get more answers I wish I had I could have had some relief by now. I see the Infectious Disease Dr. on the 16th. to get the results of the final culture and of course I will share that information with everyone.

To be continued tune in next week for the update !

Until we meet again my friends,



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Breathe Easy,