Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thank You to all of you for your comments

"Welcome to My Little Corner of The World"
It has been a long road from 2009 to 2010 and optimistically 2010 will be a better year !
I wanted to take this time to "Thank" everyone who responded with kind words to my posts, it means and has meant a lot to me to know that you are reading and responding.

I have written personally from my heart and from my own experiences and some from other sources in hopes to help others understand this disease. Living with a lung disease can be devastating we all know that but we have to make the best of it and I hope by my posts I can help you do just that.

Let me share this with you, I have sleep apnea and my o2 is hooked up to the apnea machine well, this morning about 2am I woke with shortness of breath...what the heck it seems that the 02 somehow became detached from the apnea machine ! I took my levels using my pulse oximeter and sure enough they were at 84 Wow, so not to panic I put on my 02 nasal cannula, sat down and relaxed using plb Pursed Lip Breathing and after a few minutes my levels were up to 96 whew ! Panic is not the way stay~~ calm please stay calm even if you have to call 911 stay calm, getting anxious or scared will make it worse...remember breathe easy...~Inhale 123~ Exhale ~1234

Until we meet again my friends as stated above,
Inhale ~123
Exhale ~1234

Breathe Easy,