Friday, September 19, 2008

It's been a while since my last post

Hello to all my COPD friends and just friends. I know it's been a while since my last post so here is the scoop for the delay.
As you all know I have been battling this pneumonia thingy for a while well, now it seems that there is something more serious going on with in this complex body of mine.

I have been tested for an auto immune disease know as "Lupus" I had blod work done and the Dr. tells me my auto immune levels are elevated so yesterday I had more blood work done I think this test is to confirm the diagnosis and if so, so be it. Just another hill to climb in the up hill battle that has been laid before me and as with all prior battles this to shall pass and I will overcome ! To be continued.

Well, now the flu season is upon us I sure do plan on getting a flu shot and a pneumonia especaillay with all that is going on. Also, PLEASE, PLEASE be so certain to wash your hands as often as possible that is where the germs settle, then you touch your face, etc...yuk We should all consider the Flu and Pneumonia shots some of us can not get the flu and pneumonis shots some of us can....

I always carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with me especially for when I walk into a supermarket and grab a grocery cart, the stores usually have a sanitizer near by, but in case they don't be sure to carry your own, oh, one more thing, I was at the grocery store the other day and attempted to use my debit card...and "WOW" the area was so dirty I told the clerk I need to clean off this screen before I can use it, so I took out my wipes and wiped down the screen and also the little black pen they have handy, it may sound really odd, but in my mind it is not we all have to be so careful of so many germs.

Until we meet again my friends remember, as a dear friend of mine told me she uses this technique all the time:

Inhale ~~~123
Exhale ~~~~1234

Breathe Easy,