Thursday, January 24, 2008

We are Back on LIne !

Hey Everyone!...We are back on line, "Welcome To My Little Corner of The World" !!!! Apparantly, the "Spam Robot" realized that we are not "Spam"....Hoorrrray for us! now to catch up on a few things, my other blog I had to create to keep in touch was called, "Welcome To Our World" that will be put on the back burner for now...hopefully we won't have any future problems with my original site..hang in there I am doing my best to keep you all informed.
My biggest issue is with "Cigarette Smoke" and or the Odor of "Smokers"..I was in the supermarket the other day and a person came up behind me in the cashiers line and all of a sudden I started to cough so hard my lungs hurt! , it was because the customer behind me smelled so so bad of stale cigartte smoke I was taken back with the smell..I turned around, holding my hankie to my mouth and nose and got out of the line and went to the service desk and explained my situation and of course the young man was very understanding and rang up my order.
It still amazes me that with all the non smoking campaings going on that folks would catch on...and quit that nasty habit, altho...for some it sure is difficult to quit I can only hope to help those out there to "Kick The Habit" Drop me a have my address, I will answer any and all questions about quitting, I have done it now for 5 yrs! It can be done....Willpower and Determination will do it! Until we meet again my friends...Remember~~~
Breathe Easy,

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Home from New England

Happy New Year to everyone! Well I made it back to Florida safe and sound and let me say this I am sure glad to be back to the warmer temps! I thought I was going to freeze in New England, lol The highest temp. was 31 degrees, brrrrrrr.

As you can see the picture above , these are my great nieces, Haley on the left and Lauren on the right ,boy they are beautiful little girls. I loved visiting with them. Just a friendly reminder they are the reason I quit smoking 5 yrs. ago. We all had a wonderful Christmas, my flight got into Boston about 8:15 pm, my brother Ray, his wife Mary and my nephew Christopher all greeted me at the airport.

Haley and Lauren were getting sleepy , my nephew Andrew called and said the girls are waiting for you Aunty, well it only took us about 10 min. from that phone call to arrive at the house and the girls were looking out the window for me..what a wonderful feeling that was, after all hugs and flying wrapping paper Christmas in New England was a success !
Andrew had plenty of goodies as he coninues the "Grace" tradition of opening packages on Christmas Eve, with plenty of food and good cheer !

I spent time with everyone, a visit I will remember for ever.

The flight home could have been better, it was pretty bumpy and me not being a favorite of flying made for a little anxiety, I controlled it tho.
Seats were very close, people were coughing and sneezing...geez!...What I did do was before I got on the airplane I mixed up a package of "Emergen-C" with water, it is a mega dose of Vitamin C..I understand a product called "Airborne" has the same ingredients only in pill form. Once the plane landed in Florida I attempted to stand up and wait in line, and the man across the row jumped and up and actually "Pushed " me, he wanted to make sure I was not in his way of getting his over head luggage, now, you just know I reminded him just how rude he was, another passenger agreed with me..he was definitely wrong !...Our world is made up of so many different people, I am glad I am not one of the ignorant ones!

New Years Eve was not a good one for me, I think I had jet lag or something else, or I picked up a "Bug" from someone on the plane I was pretty sick, maybe run myself down, altho this afternoon I do feel a lot better.
Looking forward to a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year!

Until we meet again my friends remember,

~~~Inhale 123 ~~~~Exhale 1234

Breathe Easy,