Thursday, February 1, 2007

Socialization/Handicapped Parking

Have you ever noticed that when you park in a Handicapped Area and you get out of your car like everyone else does, folks look at you in disgust?... as if to say "Why are YOU parking in that spot?"... and wouldn't you just love to say... "Just because I don't have a physical disability that shows,I do have a hidden disability... I have COPD/Emphysema and SICK LUNGS DON'T SHOW."

I experienced a lot of those looks and sneers from people, when I used the handicapped parking spots. Those were times when I needed to do so, due to inclement weather, ill health. When I was feeling good, I would use the regular parking spots.

Here is an interesting point in which I need to share with you and get your opinions and comments. When I lived in New Hampshire I applied for a Handicapped License Plate, I had a form completed by my Physician, then took it to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. They accepted the form, I paid a small fee and was handed my Handicapped License Plates. New Hampshire required two plates, a mirror tag, which I could take with me if I were in someone elses vehicle. When I moved to Florida, I applied with a form from my Physician... and I was denied!!!... the reason...I am not "sick enough". How sick does one have to be? I have COPD, Emphysema, Fibromyalgia and OsteoArthritis. Guess I was sick enough in New Hampshire but not in Florida!

I am curious as to who actually has the right to deem a person to be "sick enough". Does he/she have a degree in the medical field? Does he/she know ME and my medical history?
Is there anyone that knows who we could contact with regards to these questions and what we need to do to have this situation reviewed and possibly changed?
Any ideas would be appreciated.

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