Friday, December 19, 2008

Almost Final Results !

Hello to all my friends here at "Welcome To My Little Corner Of The World" so nice to see you all here ! Here we are again I am not toooo sure of the results of all these tests that were done. Accoring to the Pulmonologist per a "Certified Letter" I received toay I am being followed for a significant pulmonary condition, and also and obstructive lung disease with some element of fibrosis !

Additional testing will be ordered to see if it is progressive !...Wow ! The Pulmo Dr. also said I had some sort of a fungus growing in my lungs ! How to treat this, we have to wait till the other cultures come back to determine the proper treatment!

I went to see an "Infectious Disease Doctor" and based on the info he received from the Lung Dr. I have "Interstitial Lung Disease ", Scleroderma (sp) and COPD...and to top if off "Raynaud's Syndrome... so what to do next ? hmmmmm as my Dad would say ....It could be worse" but I gotta tell you sure is a mouthfull ! What to do.....Research, Research and see what I can come up with and then ask more and more questions next visit !

I have lost weight due to the "Thrush" in my mouth and finally the "Infectious Disease Dr" prescribed a lozenge for me called "CLOTRIMAZOLE 10 MG Three times a day" and it sure has helped finally ! A tablet to put on your tongue and let it dissolve and it really works! Hopefully this will help some one else.

Not much more going on here my friends, hope you all are well and trust this information will help some one out there.

Until we meet again my friends,

Inhale ~~~123
Exhale ~~~1234

Breathe Easy,

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bronchoscopy Procedure 12/05/08

Good Evening my friends hope you all are doing well ! just a little note on my prior post I stated the picture I took on Thanksgiving Morning was a picture of the "Sunset" duh ! It should have said "Sunrise" and I had not had any egg nog at the time of that writing !

On another note....I had the Bronchoscopy done this past Friday the 5Th. wow what an experience that was, I arrived at the hospital at 5:15 am to get prepped and of course they could not get the IV in my veins did not want to cooperate they finally had to call the "IV Team, bingo first shot IV in. my wrist .of course the next time was to put it in my, no, no, not a happening thing especially with the Rheumatoid Arthritis which was swollen to the hilt !
The nurse gave me a shot to relax me, then the the Respiratory Therapist said, ok Sandy relax I am going to spray your nose to numb your throat, I was ok with that, then he said ok I am going to swab your nostrils with a gel and then insert this Q tip to see which side will be the best for the Dr. to insert the instrument to see into your lungs...well by then I was bye, bye....Then I remember waking up in recovery and heard the Nurse saying "Sandy" breathe deep, guess my o2 dropped to below 86 ! of course they then, then gave me 02, then called my pulmonologist to tell how what was going on, he ordered a Breathing Treatment with Albuterol...well the therapist came with the mask put it on my face and walked away !
I may be old fashioned but, what ever happened to Hi my name is ! How are you today, I am going to give you breathing treatment ordered by your Dr.
When the treatment was done I took of the mask and called to the nurse ! Lesson learned my friends ask a bunch of questions, make sure you know each and every move these folks are going to do when it comes to your personal care. I am just recovering from the anesthesia dang it not sure how much of that stuff they gave me, perhaps the reason for my 02 level to drop so low.
From what I understand the Pulmonologist took several samples to have analyzed and I should get the scoop on the 12Th. of this month, I am trying to be optimistic as it is my Sisters birthday
and I know she is watching over me.Big Hug The message today my friends is be optimistic, ask as many questions as possible, oh one other item, I am still having a big problem with "Thrush" I told the Pulmo. Dr. Fri. reply from him so time will tell , I will see what happens on the 12Th.

Until then my friends, remember,


Breathe Easy,

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Recoup after Thanksfiving

Just look at what we have to be "Thankful For" I took this picture on Thanksgiving morning Sunset on the Lake, oh my God how beautiful is that !

I did not over eat I was very careful to eat slow and chew slowly and of course our guests from Germany were so enthralled with our Celebration as in Germany they do not have Thanksgiving and when I said Grace before dinner they were just grateful to share our holiday with them. The day was wonderful and I was tired from cleaning up after dinner but, I paced myself and that's what we have to do take a deep breath in and exhale...Pursed Lip really works ! Now I have a favor to ask of all of my freinds...I heard of a young lady who is in a desperate situation her medicaid will end soon and she is on 02 all the time does anyone know of anyplace she can get any type of assistance ? If you do please reply and I will surely send the info on to her.

We are a close knit family and if someone needs assistance we will be there.

Until we meet again my friends,


Inhale ~~~ 123

Exhale ~~~~1234

Breathe Easy,