Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pleuritic Pneumonia

Good Evening my friends, well, here I am out of the hospital with an in hospital diagnosis of "Pleuritic Pneumonia" for those of you who do not know what that means is this....Pleurisy is an inflammation of the pleura characterized by difficult painful breathing and often accompanied by the exudation of liquid into the chest cavity. "Pleura" is the thin serous membrane that covers a lung and lines the chest cavity.
Now, after a week in the hospital..I am not refreshed! I was waken it seemed every other hour for blood work, o2 levels, breathing treatments, iv changes, etc...SO I am glad to be home to rest!. The only good thing about being in the hospital is that I was able to receive the antibiotics via inter venous as well as the steroids which did help a lot.
Now...before I was discharged on Sat. the nurse disconnected my o2 which by the way I was on all the time I was in the hospital. I had to do a walk down the hall way...(slow steps) so in my opinion it really did not make a difference. Since I have been home any effort to walk and talk is a chore, I see my pulmononologist next week and I am sure he will do a different test to measure my 02 levels. When I was admitted to the hospital my 02 level was at 88% upon discharge 92% today I bet it is at about 88/89 upon exertion. One more thing, while in the hospital the nurse came in and said here you go take these meds...hmmmmm wrong ones! Be so careful of the dosage and times of your meds !

So until me meet again my friends...
Inhale, 123
Exhale, 1234
Breathe Easy,

Monday, June 2, 2008


Good Evening to all my friends, well here we are again into the "sick season" Germs, flu, etc...I myself have come down with a nasty cold and I mean nasty from my visit to Washington D.C.
Hopefully my message was heard and that my friends is worth the price of a dang cold. It has been a couple of weeks and the cold is not getting better , I had taken my on hand supply of antibiotics but that did not work for t his strain so I finally decided to call my Pulmo. Dr. and he immediately called in two scripts for me one for a 7 day supply of Azithromycin and (Antibiotic) and a "Dosepak" of MethyiPredniSolone tablets for 7 days....Time will tell in a positive manner.

Until we meet again my friends, remember
Inhale ~ 123
Exhale ~1234

Breathe Easy,