Saturday, October 4, 2008

Inspire Life Breathe Free Womens Luncheon 10/03

Good afternoon to everyone! No update to report on the current lung situation I am scheduled to have an Echo Cardiagram done this Tuesday 10/7 with an x-ray of my lungs with special views seems they are still looking at some sort of underlying tissue disease involving the heart and lungs.... time will tell.

I attended my 2nd. annual womens luncheon hosted by the American Lung Association of Florida

and by the way I was asked to speak on living with a lung disease. I shared my little tid bits that help living with COPD/Emphysema....drying with a terry cloth robe instead of using all our energy and breath by using a regular towel, eating slowly, pursed lip breathing, etc. I was very honored to have been invited and to have met some wonderful folks. A young lady spoke of her Mom's battle with Lung Cancer was an emotional story she told. I will add some photos for you to see.

Well today I took my car to the garage to have the battery replaced I was talking with the gal at the desk while paying for the work and a mechanic came in to reception area with a CIGARETTE I panicked...NO go back out I cant breathe that smoke! These are the little things in life that make our life so much more challenging other folks who dont have a lung disease have no clue !
Of course I did not have my mask with me didnt think I needed it I was only going a few miles from the house, next time I go out I will surely have it with me.
The work are of the garage is connected to the office area, it is a family owned business.

The photo I added is of myself, Len Jennings our local Channel 7 New Anchor and of course none other than Carrie D'Angelo, Development coordinator of the Amerian Lung Association of Florida. This gal is awesome in what she does for the ALA she too is living with a lung disease and her zest for life is truly amazing.
I wish you all a good breathing day ! Drop me a line ask me any questions you have, any comments. I promise I will answer.
Until we meet again my friends remember,
Inhale ~~~123
Exhale ~~~~1234
Breathe Easy,