Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Power Outage/Oxygen Concentrator

Good Afternoon to all my friends here at "Welcome To My Little Corner of The World "

I know it's been a month since my last post and I have a few interesting tid bits I have to share with you.

Living in Florida can be a challenge with the crazy weather we have been having, ie: freezing temps., heat and humidity, more rain and more rain but the sun will soon shine.

Anyway what I found out is this...when we had the cold snap and the temps dropped into the low 30 our power went out! Imagine that lol we had no phone, no cable, no heat. So I called the power company on my cell and told them we had no power and of course I need the power to run my O2 Concentrator this is what they said I should do in case of future outages

...They will send me a letter to bring to my Dr. to sign stating that I am on 02 24/7 and do need the power. Once the Dr. signs the form and sends it back to the power Co. they will flag my account to be one of the first to be repaired.

I also do have two back up tanks from my O2 supplier that I can use if necessary.

The reason for this post is that a lot of folks probably are not aware of this service, the same applies for the Telephone Company I would suggest you do this before there is an outage just in case you do not have a cell phone.

Hope this information is helpful to all...

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