Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In the Pool again!

Well, here we are again in the pool finally, it's Tues. Oct.30th. the weather is breezy and cool, only a handful of folks showed up again today I thing because the temps are getting lower..in the 70's it is getting to chilly for the pool...plus it was raining this morning I heard what I thought was thunder and I was a running for the steps to exit, and someone said, it's ok Sandy it was an airplane..lol We went thru our routine for about 30 minutes and I had to leave early for a Doctor Appt. for consult on a Colonoscopy...has anyone ever had that done, I am kind of skeptical but it needs to be done so they tell me...

I would appreciate any input on that procedure.

Breathe Easy,


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Friday, October 26, 2007

Ahhh, The weekend/Rest

I made it to the pool today still a bit chilly but not windy like yesterday, whew ! what a relief and the pool was heated as well. I thought the hours on Fridays were 9:30 till 10:15 oops, the class started at 10:30 till 11:15 so here I am all shriveled up from all that time in the pool, altho I don't feel to bad this afternoon, today we did water walking, meaning doing the regular routine while walking up and down the pool, I asked one of the life guards to take a few pictures for me, remember that game can you find Wally, well, can you find Sandy..lol If you have read my Blog you have seen my picture. Enjoy the weekend I know I will, seriously exercise is great for our lungs and body.

Until we meet again~~~~

Breathe Easy,


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Thursday, October 25, 2007

No Water Exercise Today

Good Afternoon everyone, well I did not make it to the pool today for water aerobics, you ask why ? Temps were in the low 70's with a brisk breeze, here in Florida that is pretty darn cool not wanting to take a chance on getting a chill and or a cold I opted to stay here and exercise right in the comforts of home, let's hope tomorrow is warmer. Have a wonderful afternoon and evening.

Breathe Easy


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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Day of Exercise /Water Aerobics

Here I am another day and I made it thru the exercises, still a bit stiff and sore but, my little lady friend with her walker meandered to the pool climbed down the steps and did laps again ! What an inspiration. The exercises are interesting try this, hug yourself and put your head down, do you feel the muscles in the back of your neck stretching, I sure do.

Running in place in the pool is great, then the instructor tells us to do the Irish Jig ! he cant be for real...yup he is, it's looks so easy while he is on deck doing it, try that in the water it's not easy...lol Then we do the rocking horse thingy, that's fun, then walk to the other side of the pool and return, going backwards is suppose to help with the resistance and improve muscle strength...so he says..lol I took 1000mg of Tylenol before the aerobics and 1000mg four hours later, they really do help. However, tomorrow morning will tell the real story..Tomorrow when I get to the pool I am going to ask the lifeguard to take a picture of all of us... Watch for the update and picture if you dare...
Breathe Easy,
Inhale,123 Exhale 1234
That is exactly what I did while I was exercising !

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First day of Water Aerobics

Ok here we go...ouch, dang it I had no idea how out of shape I was or am ! Oh my goodness after a 45 min. workout, which seemed like a 45 hour work out I just about crawled out of the pool, and to make me feel worse there was an elderly lady I would say about 90 years young doing laps !

so how bad of am I...pretty bad..lol so tomorrow I will bite the bullet and do the darn exercises and think about that little lady..and what she did and what I can do ! until then my friends have a wonderful evening, look for an update tomorrow.

Breathe Easy,

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Osteoporosis and Arthritis

Hello everyone, I know it has only been a couple of days since my last post about Osteoporosis and Arthritis I just wanted to give you all an update. I have been taking 1000 mg. of Tylenol every 4 hrs. it seems to be taking the edge off, also doing the heating pad thingy and putting a comfy pillow at my back. Now, according to my Dr. I should be exercising every day, he suggested the water aerobics and since I don't have a pool in my back yard I would have to go to the community pool, do you remember a while back I did a post on community poos and the germs and all.

I have done some research and made a few calls and have been assured that the local community pool is closed on Sunday and Monday so that they can clean and make sure the chemicals are stabilized.

I will give it a shot on Tuesday and update you on how it goes and how I feel. As I said before exercise is so important for so many reasons, I have not been exercising only because the "Shingles" got in my way for two months now but, they have cleared up and I now have the go ahead to do stuff again in moderation of course I really need to be careful not to break any bones...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and remember,

Inhale 123 Exhale 1234

Breathe Easy,


Friday, October 19, 2007

Ostseoporosis and Copd

Good Afternoon everyone on this lovely day in sunny Florida.

I have to share something with you all. Last week I went to my Dr. for a follow up of a cold, at that time I mentioned to him that my back has been SO painful... it felt like it was going to break in two, plus it was taking a toll on my posture which I have always prided myself in. He examined me as gently as possible, but I was SO tender it even hurt to sit in a chair. Sitting in a stooped position seemed to ease the pain, but was not doing my breathing any favors. Think about it... stoop over & try to breathe. I did some research while waiting for the tests results and low and behold, Osteoporosis and Copd are definitely connected.

The Dr. had me schedule a test called a Dexa-Scan--which means a bone density test, as well as an x-ray of my spine.

Tests revealed just what he thought "Osteoporosis" and "Arthritis". He thought maybe a fracture due to the tenderness, fractures are common if you have Osteoporosis because the bones are so brittle.

Treatment plan suggested, Vitamin D if I can tolerate it, exercise and heat. I'll give it a shot and hope for the best. I tried the Vit. D cannot tolerate it, hurts my stomach. So I tried something called "Viactive"... so far so good. I am attaching a link for you to look at. It is never a dull day in the life of Sandy Grace!
However, I am grateful for each and every day that I wake up and see the sunrise and each day I look at the sunset.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

.. check out this site: http://www.4women.gov./faq/osteopor.htm

Inhale 123, Exhale 1234

Breathe Easy,

Monday, October 15, 2007

Beach & Ocean Pollution

Today 15 October 2007 is Blog Action Day. This means that bloggers around the web will come together to bring out a single important issue - the environment. Every blogger may post about "The Environment" in his/her own way and about their own topic. What is the goal?... to get everyone talking towards a better future for us and for our children.

I would like to talk a bit about Beach & Ocean Pollution. This summer I took a trip to a beach in South Carolina. I love the sandy beaches, the warm ocean water and my all time favorite picking sea shells. I was appalled by the number of cigarette butts that smokers discarded on the beach while sunbathing, fishing or just taking a stroll. My suggestion for these people.... "Keep Your Butt Off The Beach"! The attached picture to this post was one that I took of these "Butts on the Beach".

We also find many other forms of garbage on our beaches. aluminum cans, plastic bottles, fishing lures, fishing line, glass bottles, and metal debris. All of these items sooner or later get washed into the oceans or seas. They all pose a threat to not only the living creatures of the seas but also to our own lives.

Toxic Wastes are poisonous materials that dumped into the ocean. They harm plants and animals in the ocean and also have an impact on our health. When toxic waste harms an organism, it can quickly be passed along the food chain and may eventually end up being our seafood. Toxic waste gets into the seas and oceans by the leaking of landfills, dumps, mines, farms and factories.
Toxic Chemicals in the ocean may be killing much of the fish population. One of the most harmful chemicals in the ocean is lead.
Medical Waste is also found in the ocean and is being tested to see if swimmers have a chance of developing Hepatitis or AIDS.
How do we decrease the amount of waste in the oceans?... by recycling as much garbage as we can so there are smaller amounts of harmful materials into the ocean.
Garbage Dumping pertains to harmful materials being dumped into the ocean. For example, human waste, ground-up garbage, water from bathing, and plastics. Most of the waste that has been dumped into the ocean in the early 1990's is still there today... Amazing.. Isn't it??!!
One main cause of garbage dumping occurs when sewage pipes share space with storm water drains. Rainfall causes the pipes to overflow and sewage waste mixes with the storm water drain, this flows into another water source such as a lake or river. Then the garbage pollutes the ocean.
Some other types of Pollution are:
Wastewater: The run-off from rainwater which usually ends up in rivers, lakes, and oceans.
Boat Pollution: This comes from the boat's engine when it is running. The chemicals in the exhaust from the engine which give off excess gasoline.
Car Pollution: When a car gets driven, smoke comes from the back of the car. This smoke ends up being acid rain.
Agriculture Pollution: Chemical pesticides, chemical or natural substances.

Chemical detergents, batteries, plastics, and sewage are all produced and used in homes by humans everyday. People are creating a risk to the plants and animals that live in the oceans and lakes.
How can we help the Environment of our Beaches and Oceans? First and foremost when you ARE on the beach, take your garbage with you!
- recycle plastics
- dispose properly of batteries
- use less water
- carpool
- recycling
- do not throw litter in the street
- do not wash your car or change your oil on the road or driveway. The oil and detergent will be washed into the storm drain.
- create less rubbish in the first place
- buy products in biodegradable packaging
- re-use your plastic shopping bags
** Tell your friends and family... or anyone you see littering about the dangers of rubbish and garbage to marine animals. Encourage them to do the "Right Thing" with litter!

This is our land, our beaches, and our oceans... Only WE can take care of them.

Do What Is Right For Our Environment!
Lori Palermo

Sunday, October 14, 2007

First Catch Your Breath Luncheon, Ft. Myers, Fl. Oct.12,2007

I attended a Women's Lung Health luncheon, the very first in the State of Florida, and let me tell you this, the food was wonderful, the speakers were awesome, the true stories shared brought tears to my eyes, as I could relate to them, as I have lost so many of my family members to cancer,we all need to stop and smell the roses and look at what we have and appreciate each and every day.
There are no better representatives for the American Lung Association than those of us who live with a lung disease. Let's raise awareness and get some funding for lung research. Contact your local chapter and find out what you need to do.

Having a lung disease is no fun, but we can make the best of it, I do it every day.
We have to stay positive, a positive mental attitude will take us a long way. I met a wonderful lady at the luncheon and her philosophy is...You can make a difference and she is SO right....I hope you all have a great evening..

inhale 123---exhale 1234

Breathe Easy,


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Medicines working against each other

Hi all, here is an interesting story....I know it is an important topic..the other day I was not feeling well, coughing up that nasty stuff, we all know what that is ! I figured I best call my primary care doc and tell him what was going on as I was afraid of getting sick, he called in a prescription for me ...a Z-Pac , I went to the pharmacy to pick it up and low and behold the pharmacist said, Sandy we can not fill this for you at this time, because of your heart meds it will cause a problem !

Apparently my Cardiologist had it flagged for this type of med, soooo the pharmacist called my doctor and got another antibiotic for me, which seems to be doing just fine...

I am soooo thankful that this was caught, I know these Drs.are sooo busy, and I am looking on the positive side of it, but wanted you all to know how serious this is...and how dangerous it could have been for me.

Always make sure your Doctor reviews your chart before he calls in a prescription for you , keep a list of current meds, let the nurse know what they are to avoid any drug interaction.

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Breathe Easy,

Friday, October 12, 2007

Gold COPD Awareness Lapel Pin & Smokefree Living Pin

Exclusively Designed by Love Your Lungs, Breathe For Life

Gold COPD Awareness Lapel Pin:
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Smokefree Living Lapel Pin:
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These pins may be purchased for $3.00 each which includes shipping & handling.

E-mail: Lori Palermo, loveyourlungs@yahoo.com

Help Bring Awareness to (COPD) Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and be Proud to be Living a Smokefree Life!

"When You Can't Breathe, Nothing Else Matters"

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Checking The Mail

Good Afternoon everyone, hope all is well. I have been posting the blog for a while now, I would love to hear your comments, suggestions, ideas.

The picture is of my cat "The Big Guy" he certainly lives up to his name, he is waiting for the mail... I have another cat, "Missy" she and "The Big Guy " are brother and sister, I find so much comfort in them especially when I dont feel well, they sure do sense it.

I love to sing, it is good exercise for my lungs, apparantly "Missy" enjoys it to ! I wish you all a good day !
Breathe Easy,
123 Inhale, 1234 Exhale

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Oral Thrush

I recently received an e-mail from a patient in regards to an infection she developed in her mouth due to her (MDI) Metered dose inhaler. I think this is an important topic to talk about so all of us using MDI's can be extra careful.

This infection is called "Thrush". It is a yeast infection of the mucous membranes of the mouth, effecting the cheeks, tongue and roof of the mouth.

Folks usually get "Thrush" from not rinsing well after use of their inhalers. The chemicals in the medicine stick inside your mouth, causing the infection which consists of open sores. This infection is a side effect of taking inhaled corticosteroids.

I was using an MDI with steroids and because I did not rinse after eash use, the medicine stayed inside my mouth. After a while it became so sore and nasty. If I had rinsed after each use, I could have lessened the severity of the infection.

These sores are quite painful, keeping you on a diet of soft foods and liquids.
Your Pulmonary doctor will most likely prescribe an anti-fungal mouthwash or lozenges, which are used for 5-10 days. This infection does not clear up over night, if you are still having a problem after the prescribed time frame. Give your dr. another call, he may prescribe other meds for you.

A few suggestions to help you beat the "Thrush":

- Rinse... Rinse your mouth after every MDI use. (do not swallow!)
- Yogurt... Eat at least 1/2 cup to coat your mouth after using the inhaler.
- Spacer... Use a spacer which is a medical device approved by the FDA to be used by a patient to increase the effectiveness and safety of a metered-dose inhaler.

I have included a link that will give you more information on "Thrush" and the use of a spacer on your MDI.


I hope this bit of info has helped you! Please dont' be afraid to share your own stories with us or any questions you may have. We are all here to help each other.

Breathe easy,

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Adopt the Sky

I am a member of COPDsurvivors by Cecil Montgomery and Karen Bastille. The following link was sent out by their site and I would now like to share it here "In My Little Corner Of The World".

On June 21, 2007, the EPA proposed stronger limits on smog in our air. But doctors and scientists say the new limits do not go far enough. Now powerful polluters are pushing back, trying to stop any change. Here's your chance to make your voice heard.

Click the link below and adopt a square mile of sky over the U.S. and sign the petition to demand clean air now. It’s free.


Help ALL Americans Breathe Clean Air!!

Breathe Easy,

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