Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Day of Exercise /Water Aerobics

Here I am another day and I made it thru the exercises, still a bit stiff and sore but, my little lady friend with her walker meandered to the pool climbed down the steps and did laps again ! What an inspiration. The exercises are interesting try this, hug yourself and put your head down, do you feel the muscles in the back of your neck stretching, I sure do.

Running in place in the pool is great, then the instructor tells us to do the Irish Jig ! he cant be for real...yup he is, it's looks so easy while he is on deck doing it, try that in the water it's not Then we do the rocking horse thingy, that's fun, then walk to the other side of the pool and return, going backwards is suppose to help with the resistance and improve muscle he I took 1000mg of Tylenol before the aerobics and 1000mg four hours later, they really do help. However, tomorrow morning will tell the real story..Tomorrow when I get to the pool I am going to ask the lifeguard to take a picture of all of us... Watch for the update and picture if you dare...
Breathe Easy,
Inhale,123 Exhale 1234
That is exactly what I did while I was exercising !