Friday, October 26, 2007

Ahhh, The weekend/Rest

I made it to the pool today still a bit chilly but not windy like yesterday, whew ! what a relief and the pool was heated as well. I thought the hours on Fridays were 9:30 till 10:15 oops, the class started at 10:30 till 11:15 so here I am all shriveled up from all that time in the pool, altho I don't feel to bad this afternoon, today we did water walking, meaning doing the regular routine while walking up and down the pool, I asked one of the life guards to take a few pictures for me, remember that game can you find Wally, well, can you find If you have read my Blog you have seen my picture. Enjoy the weekend I know I will, seriously exercise is great for our lungs and body.

Until we meet again~~~~

Breathe Easy,


123 inhale, 1234 exhale

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