Friday, October 19, 2007

Ostseoporosis and Copd

Good Afternoon everyone on this lovely day in sunny Florida.

I have to share something with you all. Last week I went to my Dr. for a follow up of a cold, at that time I mentioned to him that my back has been SO painful... it felt like it was going to break in two, plus it was taking a toll on my posture which I have always prided myself in. He examined me as gently as possible, but I was SO tender it even hurt to sit in a chair. Sitting in a stooped position seemed to ease the pain, but was not doing my breathing any favors. Think about it... stoop over & try to breathe. I did some research while waiting for the tests results and low and behold, Osteoporosis and Copd are definitely connected.

The Dr. had me schedule a test called a Dexa-Scan--which means a bone density test, as well as an x-ray of my spine.

Tests revealed just what he thought "Osteoporosis" and "Arthritis". He thought maybe a fracture due to the tenderness, fractures are common if you have Osteoporosis because the bones are so brittle.

Treatment plan suggested, Vitamin D if I can tolerate it, exercise and heat. I'll give it a shot and hope for the best. I tried the Vit. D cannot tolerate it, hurts my stomach. So I tried something called "Viactive"... so far so good. I am attaching a link for you to look at. It is never a dull day in the life of Sandy Grace!
However, I am grateful for each and every day that I wake up and see the sunrise and each day I look at the sunset.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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