Sunday, May 23, 2010

Recliner/Back Pain

Good Day to all here at "Welcome To My Little Corner Of The World"

Trust everyone is well and breathing easy these days.

Do you remember my last post on COPD Exacerbation and my last words were, that I didn't end up in the hospital..hmmm well the following month I bought a new plushy recliner and after a few days my back was hurting so bad I thought it was the recliner ! being that I was sitting in a reclining position as opposed to a straight back chair.....I had an appointment with my Pulmo. Doc the following week and guess what...yupper Pneumonia again ! My back hurt so bad I couldn't even take a deep breath without excruciating pain !

That same day I was immediately admitted to the hospital IV antibiotic, steroids, fluids, morphine for the pain. I had a C/T done again with contrast I guess the contrast part of it shows more than just one without.

It picked up another "nodule" behind my rib cage we'll keep a watch on that one. "It could be worse" is my motto and keep a positive attitude.

I also had a biopsy done and the "outside of the nodule" is negative for any cancer cells..."Great"
Sometime with in the next 3 months I will have another C/T done and take it from there.

You may remember a while back I posted on knowing your meds while in the happened again the night nurse was emphatic that I did not have any night time meds and I assured her she needed to go check my chart again and low and behold she came back and said "Oh" you do have evening meds give me a minute and I will get them for you.

Now, imagine someone else who is not as outspoken as I am and would have gone without the nighttime meds. It is so important to keep a list of your meds with you at all times and show it again and again if needed to the Nurses and or Dr's.

Lastly, the day of discharge my regular Pulmo. had someone cover his shift and this "Dr." prescribed a med./antibiotic for me to take while at home. I had someone go to the pharmacy for me to fill the script. the pharmacist said that this med. will interfere with my heart medicine !
Wow, I sure was glad the pharmacist was on top of things, the pharmacist called the Dr. and his reply was well she will have to wait to see her regular Pulmo. I will make sure in the future that I will not let that Dr. near me.
I told my Pulmo. Dr. of the situation, nothing more need be said on that the situation as it will be addressed.

I hope this post will be of good information and watch the warning signs altho everyone is different as I mentioned I thought my back pain was from the new chair.

I should have called the Pulmo. right away "live and learn" We all have different ways of handiling different situations my best advice don't wait, it's better to be safe than sorry and spend a week in the hospital.

Until we meet again my friends,


Breathe Easy,