Saturday, May 16, 2009

Helpful Hints/Living with COPD

Good Morning to all my friends here at "Welcome To My Little Corner Of The World" In a previous post I mentioned a few helpful hints to make our daily tasks easier well a friend of mine
forwarded the following information to me and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Until we meet again my friends remember,

Inhale ~~~123
Exhale ~~~~1234

Breathe Easy,

Johns Hopkins Health Alerts: Lung Disorders Conserving Energy When You Have COPD If you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), you know that going about your daily routine can be exhausting. Even though activities such as bathing, grooming, and dressing require a great deal of energy,careful planning can help you get through these tasks more quickly and with less effort. Here's some straight-talking advice from Johns Hopkins. ________________________________If you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), you know that going about your daily routine can be exhausting. Even though activities such as bathing, grooming, and dressing require a great deal of energy, careful planning can help you get through these tasks more quickly and with less effort. Here's some straight-talking advice from Johns Hopkins.First, plan to bathe, groom, and dress at times when you're feeling most energetic. Second, gather all the supplies you will need before you start. Bathing with COPD* Instead of standing in the shower, use a bath stool or take baths. * Because excess humidity can make it tougher to breathe with COPD, use warm water rather than hot, leave the bathroom door open,turn on exhaust fans, and open a window whenever possible. * If washing your hair in the shower, tub, or sink is difficult, ask someone else to do it for you. * Using a long-handled brush or sponge can eliminate reaching to wash your back and feet.* If you rely on oxygen for your COPD, you can still use it while in the tub or shower -- just drape the tube over the shower rod or side of the tub. * Dry off by wearing a long terry cloth robe and blotting rather than using a towel to rub yourself dry -- it takes less effort. Grooming with COPD * Choose a simple hairstyle that doesn't require extensive blow drying or styling.* Conserve energy by sitting in front of a low mirror when shaving or applying makeup, rather than standing bent over the bathroom sink. * Avoid products that are aerosol's or heavily scented,which will irritate the lungs. * Perfumes and colognes may also make it more difficult for you to breathe with COPD, so avoid using these products. Dressing with COPD * Keep your clothes in places that don't require you to bend or reach.* If you're most energetic in the evenings, plan ahead and lay out tomorrow's clothes the night before. * Avoid tight-fitting clothing that can make breathing difficult. For example, men can wear suspenders instead of belts, and women can wear camisoles or sports bras instead of regular bras. * Don't wear socks or stockings with elastic bands, since they can restrict circulation. (Support hosiery recommended by your doctor is the exception.) * Slip-on shoes mean you don't have to bend over to tie shoelaces. A long shoehorn can also make it easier to put shoes on. * To conserve energy with COPD, stay seated as long as possible while dressing, and dress your lower half first, as it is usually more difficult. Putting your underwear inside your pants and pulling both on together may be helpful as well. Johns Hopkins White Papers Logo<>


armouris said...

info on COPD here - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Anonymous said...

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