Monday, November 5, 2007

November Already !

Here we are November 2007, my, my where does the time go, seems the older I get the quicker the days go by, how about you ? I am going to get of the subject of COPD/Emphysema, for just a little bit.

Saturday evening I was lucky recipient of a free ticket to the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre in Fort Myers, Dinner was wonderful and the show was about "Buddy" The Buddy Holly Story, the music of the 1950's I could relate to all of the songs it was just wonderful ! No one was allowed snap shots or videos. The house was packed about standing room only it went on for about 2 hours with a brief intermission, the cast received a standing ovation as they should have they were terrific. We had great seats right up front yet not to close we had a wonderful view of the stage.

Because Florida's Non Smoking Laws, the theatre is of course smoke free, however, there were only a couple of folks outside puffing away on our way in and on our way out, one of the reasons I always carry a dust mask and or a hankie to cover my nose and mouth, second hand smoke can be worse than the actually cigarette. Trust you all had a wonderful weekend, enjoy the day here in Florida it is about 60 degrees and sunny, until we meet again my friends.

Inhale 123 Exhale 1234

Breathe Easy,


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