Sunday, November 18, 2007

Smoking !!

Mr. Bray, You should move to another state , trust me on this, you will NOT be missed in the State of Florida, I for one will get map quest for you. I have to be smoke free and my friends who still smoke are still my friends, however they do respect my and do NOT smoke in front of me.

Have a nice trip !

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Subject: Florida News: BRAY: Haze of smoke's gone, as are smoking companions
Florida: BRAY: Haze of smoke's gone, as are smoking companions
Smoke free Policies
Source: St. Petersburg (FL) Times, 2007-11-09Author: JACK BRAY
The only reason for the ban is the allegation that secondhand smoke is injurious to the health of others. If the allegation is true, why are there exceptions in the implementation of Amendment 6? Are certain locations impervious to "dangerous smoke"? . . . The price to be "smoke-free" has been paid for by the abrupt separation of friends and neighbors. For this very powerful reason, I say the Florida law should be repealed. The Clean Air Act should be strengthened to achieve a compromise that allows everyone to get back together. And so, as I fly off to another state for the rest of my life, I urge you to ask each other: Is the absence of smoke worth the absence of friends?
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I would like to share something with all of you...In Florida as well as the other 49 States in this great country of ours everyone is doing their part to reduce the cigarette addiction as well as second hand smoke that would affect thousands of non smokers, including myself...however I received an email today from a gentleman, I will attach his e/mail as well as my reply, of which may sound a bit harsh but, when it comes to my lungs and my health so be it. Second Hand smoke has become one of the biggest leaders in Lung Cancer, I am in no hurry to be counted. Until we meet again my friends Remember,
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