Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Wonderful Tribute

Today, November 11th, I attended a wonderful tribute to our Veterans, honoring those who gave their lives for our freedom, honoring those Veterans who still give their all for our freedom.

Once again it seems everywhere I go there is an awful odor from some one with a cigarette ! One reason why I carry a mask with me as had to move twice from where I was standing to get away from the second hand smoke. Once the observance was over with I had the pleasure of speaking with the commander ofour post , Deanna Hall while we were talking I explained to her that I have Emphysema and would love to do more at the post, however the lack of smoke eaters prevents me from doing my part to participate in the functions, she assured me that the smoke eaters will be up and running each and every day in the very near future.

Until we meet again my friends Remember,
Inhale, 123 Exhale,1234

Breathe Easy,