Thursday, August 16, 2007

Singing makes me smile!

Singing brings a SMILE to my face!!

When I was younger... many moons ago, my cousins, aunts and my mom would gather in the kitchen to play their guitars and sing. I loved watching all of them and the beautiful sounds of the guitars. But what I loved the most was the wonderful sound of my moms voice, she could sing like a canary and whistle like a lark, what beautiful memories.

Over the years I tried my talent, singing alone so no one could hear me. When I got older, one night I was at a club and they had a talent show, my friends encouraged me to get up on stage and sing.... which I did!!! Later that night the club owner approached me and asked if I would come back on a regular basis to sing. WOW!! I was shocked... I didn't think I was good enough, but apparently he did! I "thanked" him for the nice offer, but declined. As many of my friends know me I am not shy, but I really wasn't ready for the "big time"! I just wanted to enjoy my music and sing for my friends to make THEM smile as much as I do when I listen to music.

About 7 years ago I ws singing at a Karaoke Club and actually had a request to sing different songs for the regulars.... "that made me smile"!

Then it hit... I was diagnosed with COPD/Emphysema... "dang it"! I didn't think I would beable to sing again. But do you know what?... It's okay now, I have learned how to work with "it" - COPD/Emphysema. The best thing for me is to keep singing. It helps expand my lungs and also... gets that trapped air out so that I can "Breathe in Fresh Air".

You see, I have a wonderful tool... my "Mind", that is how I deal with this crappy disease on a daily basis. I use to get out of breath when I sang, but I don't anymore because I have trained myself how to take breaths when necessary. I have done much research with regards to singing and breathing techniques.

Music truly does make me smile! Even as I am writing this BLOG I am SMILING... and I have a CD playing on my computer. I love to sing country, blues and soft ballads. I especially love to sing Irish tunes!

I hope many of you can relate to the wonderful sounds of music and all of the benefits that come from it... most importantly... how it makes "YOU SMILE"!

Please share with us your stories about the music in your life. Whether you have a lung disease or not... share with us your love for music!

I am also interested in patients using O2, is there anyone out there that is able to sing, while on oxygen? I would think it would depend on the individual, but again... let me hear from you!!

Relax and breathe through the sounds of music

1 2 3... Inhale ... 1 2 3 4 Exhale


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