Friday, August 3, 2007

Pursed Lip Breathing

Hello to all my friends!

I hope you are all having a Healthy and Happy summer! It's hard to believe we are already into August.
I just returned home from a fun-filled vacation, visiting family and friends in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Funny... I needed to come home to rest... from my vacation!!
While on vacation, I woke up thinking about "pursed lip breathing"! I realized I had not added that important piece of information to my "Breathless on the Beach" post.

So, here we go......

When Lori and I returned back to our destination from our walk on the beach...
well let me back up a bit, when I told Lori that I was becoming "short of breath" and anxiety was grabbing hold of me I also told her to keep talking to me so that I could focus on her conversation and not on being "SOB" and my "anxiety". One very important factor was that as we were walking back and Lori was talking to me I was also practicing my "pursed lip breathing". This type of breathing "controls your breathing", slows down your anxiety and helps you from gasping for your next long as you "stay focused".
As Lori and I returned from our walk, I mentioned to her how the "pursed lip breathing" had also helped me. She told me she saw that I was "PLB". She remembered seeing her dad use this breathing method many many times. But never truly understood its meaning and effectiveness until she saw how it helped me get through this situation.
Here is a link to an informative site about pursed lip breathing.

I would be very interested in hearing what type of breathing methods help your "anxiety" and "shortness of breath" situations. Please write to me and share your stories.

Live each and every day to its very fullest....

1 2 3 Inhale ... 1 2 3 4 Exhale

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Breathing Better Living Well said...

Oh my goodness Sandy, I live in MA! Where did you visit? I wish I had been paying attention sooner, and I could have invited you over to meet!

Pursed lip breathing has helped me so much! I had a recent hospitalization for exacerbation and pneumonia and my blood gases were not bad. The doc said to me that even though I have a problem with CO2 retention, my body is compensating for it. I really believe that PLB and diaphramatic breathing made that happen! Practicing and using both techniques really gets the CO2 out.

Great subject, Sandy, thanks!