Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sleep Apnea Study Results

Good Afternoon everyone!...Hope you all are doing well...

I saw my Doctor this past week for the results of the "Sleep Apnea Study" they had tested me at a "10" pressure level, from what I have been told that is normal up to a "14". pressure and I can assure you this..I am in no hurry to reach that point..

Apparently during the night my heart was beating pretty irregular hmmmm...I know I have "Atrial Fibrillation's" and they sure have been getting worse for whatever reason, my Doctor had me wear a "Halter Monitor" for 24 hours I should have the results next week I will also make an appt. to see my Cardiologist hopefully next week. It sure is interesting how all of this works together, just like an engine, if you don't keep all the parts working up to where they should wont run properly.

Another issue of concern is the "Thrush" again...gee ! I just assumed and probably should not have...we all know what that anyway..I blamed it on the "Spiriva" Pulmo. Dr. tells me that the "Asmanax" that I take at night is the culprit Wow ! not to say that the "Spriva" is blameless Now I have a choice, stop the "Asmanax" or the "Spiriva"....Yupper, I stopped the "Asmanax" I found by not using the "Spiriva" I had a rough time breathing and had to use the "Rescue" Before I saw the Pulmo. Dr. I went to the drug store to find something to ease the discomfort in my mouth...this is what I found "Prevention Mouth Rinse"...fights Thrush!...whooppppeee...I bought it and it worked! Dr. told me he would give me a script for something I assured him I was doing ok with the "Prevention Mouth Rinse"...

Each day is gift from God and I relish every one of them! No matter what the day brings, there is always someone else out there who is worse of than I am. Until we meet again my friends....Remember,


Exhale ~~~1234

Breathe Easy,



Lori said...

Great information on the Asmanax and on the Prevention Mouth Rinse.
Hopefully your info will help many others that may be having the same problems.


Anonymous said...

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