Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Prescription Safety

How is everyone today ? I am doing well up till the time I went to pick up my prescription at the pharmacy. I was waiting in line and watched the Pharmacist take the pills from the tray/counter put them into the palm of his hand~ then put them back onto the counter, dispensed them into the bottle, labeled them and gave them to the customer, obviously she did not see this . Once he rang her up, I asked me why he did that, he replied, I was in a hurry!!!...No excuse, I know I should not have done that but I did....I asked if he filled my prescripttion, cause if he did i did not want it, he assured me he had not ! What concerns me is that the Pharmacist never washed his hands at all !...We need to be so careful, I think hereafter I will go directly to the pharmacy and watch them as they refull my prescriptions....

Until we meet again my friends remember,

~~~Inhale 123
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Karen Bastille said...

Hi Sandy,
You've been tagged.
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Anonymous said...

that is a rude awakening, we should all take a lesson from that, after all, we are putting trust in their HANDS! thankyou!!