Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sleep Apnea Study

Good Evening to everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend where ever you are.I had a nice weekend,went out to dinner at a very nice restaurant, wonderful food, great service and most of all I relaxed! Because I had been having trouble sleeping as I have OSA, Obsturcted Sleep Apnea and have not been tested since 2001 my Dr. thought it best to be retesed so.... This past Thursday evening I had another Sleep Appnea Study done at the Dr.'s Office, there was a nice big room, queen size bed, huge bathroom, nice big shower, awesome closet space, and television what more could one I got all hooked up to all the wires and electordes, ekg wires etc, I looked like "Mork from Ork" some of use will remember that show ! not being in my own bed, I was a bit anxious about going to sleep took me a while and finally I dozed off...then the nurse comes in and wakes me to tell me my mask is leaking air...geeez, this is suppose to be a sleep study...she adjustms my mask and off to sleep I go, only to be awakened once some study Anyway, she decided that I need a "Chin Strap" because I am not breathing correctly! See picture above, actually it did make a difference in how I slept the rest of the night. I cant say I awoke rested because I sure did not get a full nites sleep or rest...she had to do her job...and I am happy for that. I have to wait to hear from my Pulmonologist as to the results of the study,hopefully it went until then my friends until we meet again...Remember...

Exhale ~~~~1234
Breathe Easy,