Tuesday, March 11, 2008

allergies " A Chooooo"

Hello to my friends...hope you are all well, tis the season for allergies..and dang it I have them ! sneezing, coughing, sniffles, watery eyes as well as half the population of the state of Florida ! lol So what do we do ?...hmmmm well, I researched a few items with regards to air purifiers and I found one.. A Sears Kenmore Hepa Air cleaner...oh my God what a difference it has made ! It has four operation channels, Turbo for the initial operation, then Hi for Maximum Operation, then Med for Daytime Operation and lastly Lo for Nightime operation... the filter system is awesome ! The Pre-Filter System should be changed every three month or sooner depending on the level of the room's air contaminenants and the frequency of use.

The HEPA filter is usually 1-3 years again, depending on the use of the filter.
I sure have noticed a difference since I have used the air cleaner, I changed the filter or cleaned the filter after one week and of my goodness! all the cat hair and particles it filtered amazed me! I sure do recommend that everyone get one of these machines it sure is worth the price to be able to sleep well at nite...

Until we meet again my friends, Remember,
Exhale ~~~1234
Breathe Easy,


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Love Your Lungs Breathe For Life said...

Thank YOU so much for your kind words ! I am going to try to access your blog...Have a nice day,

Breathe Easy,

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