Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Using O2 but still Smoking?

I would like to tell you about an incident that I observed in a restarurant the other day, which brought back memories of my "smoking days".

As a former smoker, I can relate to how very difficult it is to give up a bad habit. It wasn't easy quitting. I was fortunate that I had a great support team... my family and friends! It was difficult at first. I actually did it for my great nieces, right after they were born. I was at my nephews house for Christmas and my niece brought the twins over for a visit. I really could not hold them because I could smell the acrid cigarette smoke on my clothes. I did not want them to be subjected to the secondhand smoke odor no matter how young they were. So, that was the beginning of the end... of my "Smoking Days"! Those girls were my inspiration. I am thankful that I stopped smoking. I have been smokefree now for over five years and feel this is a major accomplishment for me! Every now and then I do get the desire to have a "smoke"... but then I remember where I was five years ago and how far I have come.

What brought that story on is this: I was visiting a restaurant the other day and happened to see a woman come in wearing an O2 cannula. I thought "how lucky I am that I do not have to be on O2". The woman went outside to sit in the smoking section. The next thing I noticed, she had taken her oxygen off and lit up a cigarette! Her cough was awful! Once she finished her cigarette she put her O2 back on. I imagine she just needed those few puffs to make her feel better??...

What do you think?

I am not exactly sure how I feel. At this point in my life I don't believe I would pick up another cigarette, but then if that "stressful situation" arises... what would I do? Again, being an ex-smoker, I know how hard it is to quit. But on the other hand... if you need oxygen on a daily basis, your lungs must be in pretty bad shape. So, why would you continue smoking?

I try each and every day to help myself to do the best I can with what I have... COPD/Emphysema and Asthma, all as a result of Cigarette Smoking.

I ask you all to please share your stories with me. You may send me a private e-mail or I will share your story with our readers if you would like.

1 2 3... Inhale ... 1 2 3 4... Exhale

Breathe Easy,

I would like you all to meet my great nieces Lauren and Haley, the two beautiful little girls who were truly my inspiration to quit smoking. The girls will be 5 years old on 27 September 2007. Also my "quit date" anniversary of "Big Tobacco"!

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Anonymous said...

Colin here from Germany
I think for some people its simply imposable to stop smoking many still smoke despite serious warnings from the doctors.
many still smoke knowing this will quicken the lung damage
I hope in the future the cigarette company's will be forced to fund the heath care system