Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Satisfaction Guaranteed !

Good afternoon my friends hope all is well and it is a good breathing day ! The reason I am writing today is that I received a reply about the "Spiriva" capsules it is as follows:" What happens to the little particles when we puncture the capsule" hmmmm good question, I e/mailed spiriva and asked that same question....within minutes the phone rings..yup it was the folks from Boehringer Ingelheim replying to my query.

Here is their reply: Once the capsule is punctured the minuscule particles are usually caught in the "screen" of the Handihaler and if for some reason the screen does not catch them they are ingested..causing no harm as they are a hard gelatin and not plastic...I read the "Patent's Instructions for use" it does indicate that "Spiriva" is a light green, hard gelatin capsule.

I asked about the empty capsules she asked if I had them, I was glad I did keep them, I mentioned to the gal that I had contacted her company before and the reply was that they could not do anything about them..she said I apologize for that, do you have the capsules if you do I will send out an envelope to you to send them back to me. to be here is the best part I also saved the blister package which had the lot # on it....She asked what pharmacy I had the prescription at I told her, she said I will call them and call you right back, which she did within the next 5-7 days there will be a "Courtesy Replacement" for me...Wow!

I have to tell you, the gals I spoke with were very nice and understanding

I am glad I saved the empty capsules. If anyone has the same problem save the empty capsules, contact the Company...Oh one more thing always check the chamber to make sure nothing is blocking it..
I made a point also about the "Thrush" she appreciated me bringing that up and will look into it.. I hesitate to use it cause how bad my mouth gets, and if I don't use it I have a difficult time breathing !...I choose to live with the "Thrush"...The best thing to do is be sure to rinse your mouth it is soooo important. Also she asked how I use the "Spiriva" I told her I inhale the capsule, then exhale, without using the "inhaler "
I then inhale and exhale again..that is the proper way to use the "Inhaler"
So, until we meet again my friends remember;
~~~Inhale 123
~~~Exhale 1234
Breathe Easy,

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