Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wrong Dosage

Hello my friends, well here we are again with another dilemma! As you all know from my previous posts that I have been having problems with "Atrial Fibrillation's" and my Cardiologist suggested I try a drug called "Digoxin" to help control a normal heart rhythm..that was on or about 3/15/08, SO on 4/15/08 I go to the pharmacy to have the med. refilled guess what! the Pharmacist asked me how the med was working I told her really not well I still had atrial fibulations and was planning on going into the hospital for three days to monitor for a new med to see how I reacted ! Come to find out the pharmacy gave me the wrong med. dosage! Oh my God ! they gave me 0.125 mg instead of.25 mg...half the dosage! All the pharmacist could say was " I am sorry" well dang it , you are dealing with my heart here, if my heart does not work right neither will my lungs ! So, my friends be real careful when you get our meds, check out the prescription and count your pills, make sure what you are taking is what you should be taking, oh, one more thing when you go to your Dr. ask for a copy of the prescription so you will know what you should be taking for your own safety...I learnred the hard way! Needless to say I will be transferring my prescription to an other pharmacy.
Because of the mix up, when i picked up my script the pharmacy did not charge me and they gave me a $25.00 gift card for the you think they are worried need not be they have lost my business s for sure.
Until we meet again my friends remember,

Breathe Easy,
Exhale ~~~~1234

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