Thursday, March 5, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Hello to all my COPD friends sorry for taking so long in writing but so many things have been going on with me so let me share a few things with everyone. I have written about some helpful hints on living with COPD/Emphysema and hope that they have been helpful to all. My latest diagnosis is Scleroderma/Raynauds/ and Sjorugens (sp) well I have learned to accept my latest diagnosis as I said before I can overcome this or at least accept it and learn as much as I can and pass on this information to everyone.
Right now the COPD/Emphysema has become almost passive thanks to the steroids which by the way I am weening off them...and once that happens the swelling in my hands will increase as the "Scleroderma" will take over hopefully this tooo shall pass. !

I do not know what the link is to COPD/Scleroderma I just know that Scleroderma is an Auto Immune Disease as is COPD so until I continue to do more research we are in Limbo.

Scleroderma is the hardining of the skin due to too much Collegan (sp) and can affect some major organs which can include the lungs....NOW let me make this clear, not all of us will have this problem, it is up to our Drs./Specialists to run the necessary test to make the proper diagnosis.

As of today my lungs are happy due to the steroids as I mentioned earlier in this post however, once I come off of the steroids I can only hope for the best, a positive mental attitude will carry us a long way !

Until we meet again my friends remember:

Inhale ~~~123
Exhale ~~~~1234

Breathe Easy,


Karen Bastille said...

Well, well, well...
once again, Sandy, it's a very small world.
Last month I was diagnosed with a mixed connective tissue disorder (aka autoimmune)including lupus/Raynaud's/Sjogren's.
How Special! for both of us ;)

I entirely agree with you on keeping up hope and a positive outlook. I'm finding that the more "names" that get thrown at me, the more determined (okay, mad...) I become. I refuse to be defined by COPD or any other disease that attaches itself to my body.

It is tough, though.
I'm finding that the fatigue and swollen glands etc. that come along with this autoimmune business is real hard to push through.

Keep me posted on how you're doing, Sandy, and hang in there.


Lori Palermo said...

Great post. I'm so glad you've gotten this post out there... I know you'll help so many others with Sclero.

I love your St. Patty's Day tree!!

Love you,
Your friend,

Eileen said...

I'm very sorry to hear this Sandy (and Karen). You are an inspiration with your positive attitude. Thank-you for sharing so much of yourself and your journey. As always, my thoughts and prayers are with you.


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