Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cool Air and Cigarette Smoke in Florida !

Good evening my friends ! Another day has gone by, my goodness where do the days go ?
Anyway here in Florida the mornings have been quite chilly...brrrrrrr 40's and 50's some of you might say..hahahaha but I tell you what it is cold here...! In the afternoon it sure does get warmer and of course I open my car windows on the way home from work....yup...cigarette smoke from the car in front of me ! What to do ? Close my windows and put on the a/c.....geez I know smokers have their rights and dang it so don't WE ! 2nd hand smoke is one of the biggest, the biggest cause of cancer in this country ! Somehow we need to spread the word and educate everyone on the nasty, nasty side affects of 2nd. smoke !

Someone in my neighborhood was burning a wood stove and my cats were on the porch and YES I sure did bring them in cause they are sooooo vulnerable to 2nd hand smoke just as we are !

So my dear friends...please be careful of the 2nd hand smoke..I usually carry a "dust mask" with me or an "air filtered mask" just in care I encounter some one who is smoking or just diesel fuel fumes...from the cars and trucks passing by....

So, till we meet again my friends,

Exhale ~~~1234

Breathe Easy,


Trudy said...

Hi Sandy,

I hope you're doing well. Thanks for sharing your feelings about cigarette smoke or smoke in general. I'm so sensitive to it, too. Even if I smell it on someone's clothes, I have to go away quickly or I end up in a coughing fit or start up an exacerbation. :-( I really, really wish all people understood not only our sensitivity but the danger of smoking. You go, girl! I'm glad you keep your kitties safe, too! :-)


Alica Stonham said...

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