Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Germs, Germs, Germs!!

I know that I have spoke about this topic in another post, but I just have to remind everyone that when you are sick, please be so careful when you are out in public. It is very easy to spread these GERMS...... and it is so easy for us with Lung Disease to catch a cold, the flu, bronchitis or even worse pneumonia. Here are a few of the situations I have experienced in the past week.

I was in the cell phone store the other day and while waiting in line for my turn, the fellow in front of me... coughed, wiped his mouth with his hand and then leaned on the counter!! Can you imagine that?? I immediately took out my hanky and covered my mouth and nose, I got scared... I can't imagine anyone doing that. I did go to another line and waited my turn. The fear of catching a cold or whatever was floating in the air totally overwhelmed me...

I went to our local Walgreens drug store to pick up a few things. I got to the register and the gal waiting on the person in front of me let go of a big sneeze... and of course I jumped back, I could see it coming. I asked her if she had any sanitizer to use on her hands, get this, she said "don't worry, I'm not contagious". I replied..."I do have to worry, I have a lung disease and you just spread all kinds of germs around!" She just glared at me and slammed the change into my hands. YEPPER, I was pi..ed! I found the manager and told him what happened. I told him how frightened I get as I take a chance each and every day going out and dealing with the public and I don't have to be subjected to this kind of treatment. He said he would take care of the situation. I also asked him to have a sanitizer by the register. When I got home I wiped everything down. I always carry my own pen, in case I need to sign anything... at least I know it is germ free. And I always carry wipes with me.

Then yesterday, I was walking into the deli where I work and a customer walking in front of me "coughed" and never covered his mouth I was ready to whack him!

Now as I am posting, I have laryngitis and a sore throat. I have already called my Pulmonologist and will be on an antibiotic. A big concern... Pneumonia, hopefully I caught this in time and if not... then I take it one day at a time.
This is how vulnerable our bodies are in picking up infections, we are going out in public, and again the panic, fear and anxiety... I could tell I was getting sick and then... overnite.... WHAM!

While at work, a co-worker asked me if I have ever had bronchitis, I replied "YES I have and I don't ever want to have it again!" It scares me, the fear sets in...especially this time of year.

I hope you will share your experiences, helpful hints or comments here on "My Little Corner of the World". I would love to hear from you, and just think you may beable to help someone else breathe easier...

1 2 3 Inhale ... 1 2 3 4 Exhale,

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