Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Reaching out to other COPD patients brings joy and satisfaction

I would like to Welcome you all To My Little Corner Of The World. I have had this yearning for sometime now to reach out and help others with COPD cope with this disease.
I met a woman one day while surfing the web who also has COPD. She had no idea how to live her life with this disease. Through my e-mails, I gave her the understanding of how to control the disease rather than to let the disease control her. It gave me a sense of... Good Job - Well Done, I made someone happy. I also have a friend in New Hampshire that has been trying to quit smoking. I have sent her whatever information that I can find and trust that she reads it and thinks of ME and what I have gone through because of smoking. Hopefully my help to her will be a positive outcome. That is my lot in life, to help another human being... to make him or her smile and to have self worth from that smile. I feel that helping others brings so much satisfaction to our lives.
I am very excited to help Lori with her website Love Your Lungs, Breathe For Life, in her new venture into the world of BLOGGING. I so much want to make this happen and I will contribute as much as I can to help anyone in need.
Please do not be afraid to post, I would love to hear from you. If you have questions, comments or suggestions I will be here to support you.

Breathe Easy.... 1 2 3 Inhale... 1 2 3 4 Exhale

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